The Whole Earth is Full of His Glory

From the Old Old City

There Is One

The Spice of Torah Gematria

Sefer Gematriot

Taming the Raging Mind

Translation of Taming The Raging Mind

Coming Back to Earth

Translation Coming Back To Earth

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The Whole Earth is Full of His Glory

Relaxing, meditative music played by Gutman on the lyre that he designed and handcrafted. The music is played by softly plucking one string with one finger at one time. Great bedtime music for small children.

Enjoy the samples tracks!

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From the Old Old City
A Practical Torah Commentary

The Torah is not just a history book. It is a timeless guide to life for every generation – including our own.

The Torah’s ancient teachings are still speaking to each of us today.

 This collection of comments, explanations, essays, and stories helps us to apply the lessons of the weekly Torah portions to our daily lives. Doing so leads us to discover our unique purpose in life, making our path both joyful and satisfying.


Presently sold out in printed form but available in audio formats:

The book "From the Old City" in audio format

The book "From the Old City" in podcast format

There Is One

"This book will truly bring Jews close to the Torah"
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson,
The Lubavitcher Rebbe

This book is dedicated to Jews in two stages of life: the unlearned Jew who has yet to remember, may your soul be soon set on fire, may you awaken to your inheritance and enjoy the ever increasing joys of a Torah life, as it says; All her ways are pleasant and all her paths are peace: and to the scholar who has found the way around His Palace, but has somehow forgotten His Garden. May these writings in some way help to lighten the burden and may we all live to see the final redemption for which all souls hope. May His Holy Temple be speedily rebuilt and may all life know peace.

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Also available from Kehot Publication Society, Brooklyn, New York, or your local Jewish Bookstore

The Spice of Torah Gematria

This volume contains each word of the five Books of Moses listed in numerical order. The Hebrew word with vowels, its English translation, and where the word first appears in the Torah are all listed from the smallest Gematria (3) to the highest (1500) Gematria provides a method of converting words into numbers and/or numbers into words, thereby revealing relationships between words.

Gemataria as a Torah perspective is well defined and discussed in the many volumes written by our Rabbium (teachers). The purpose here is simply to present a tool with which this perspective may be applied.

See the sample pages.

Spice of Torah - Gematria 318 pages (Judaica Press 1985) is available at Judaica Press or at your local Jewish bookstore.

Sefer Gematriot

This volume contains each word of the entire Hebrew Bible (Tenach) listed in numerical order. The Hebrew word and where the word first appears in the Torah are all listed from the smallest Gematria (3) to the highest (1640). Learning which words share the same numerical value reveals the boarder and deeper meaning of those words. See the sample pages.

See the sample pages.

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105 Jewish Meditation Techniques & the Mystical Experiences They Can Produce

Awareness Meditation (AM) is the process of repeatedly returning the consciousness back onto a chosen subject. Its goal is to reveal the hidden nature of Existence, in particular, one’s own being.

Herein are explained many meditative techniques and some of the mystical experiences they can produce.

Be aware, sometimes the answer is so simple few can see it. Then, when the fog does burn away it returns so very quickly. Such is the path that takes an entire lifetime to walk.

The One who put you here will guide you. Be diligent. Listen and watch carefully. You will find your way.

Approximately one half of the present publication was first printed in 1997 as “The Raging Mind.”

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Translation of Taming The Raging Mind (paperback) $17.00 plus $4.00 postage outside Israel - No postage in Israel

$17.00 plus $4.00 postage outside Israel

$17.00 plus No postage in Israel

Coming Back to Earth

Follow Gil around the globe, as he makes his amazing spiritual journey from corporate America to the depths of South India to the holy city of Jerusalem. Join him as he transforms himself from a successful businessman into a longhaired hippy, a mystical guru, a Christian healer, and finally an Old City Jew. The incredible adventures of this God-intoxicated man will not only enlighten you, they will warm your heart.

How many books can one read that are not only inspiring, but also entertaining, that make you laugh and make you cry? Gil's story is of his spiritual journey from a Hippie, to a Guru, to a religious Jew. His story was one of our best interviews ever, and his book is a 'couldn't put it down-er'. Read this book, it makes you a better person! - Israel National Radio

Purchase from Israel Bookshop Publications.

Or buy the Kindle version here: Coming Back to Earth


Hebrew Translation of Coming Back To Earth (paperback) $21.00. Contact for purchase information.