G-d Said, "Be Happy"

G-d's Presence is revealed only in joy.

Hinduism's Message to the Jewish People

The Hindu scriptures teach that everyone should follow the path he was born to. Hear how Abraham's sons with Keturah were sent to the East and influenced Hinduism.

Answers to a Pastor

See why we are to worship only the Father.

Jews Should Marry Jews

All religions in the world except for Judaism are based on belief. Whatever you believe, that is your religion. But Jews are not Jews because of our belief. We are Jews because of our mother. We are not a religion. We are a people, all descendants of Abraham and Sarah.

A Message to Chabad

Who are the holy people today?

G-d is Everywhere

G-d is infinite. The Infinite has no limits so It must be everywhere, even in the heart of the devil!

A Jewish Meditation Technique

Gutman's peaceful music helps the mind to relax

Bless Your Children

This is how you should bless your children.

Why Should I Thank G-d?

Special needs youth teach us a very important lesson.

Why Should I Help You?

The Torah teaches that we must help each other pick up a fallen donkey...and all the most so, a fallen soul.

Pray For Your Family

This is how we should pray for our families.

Bringing Shabbat Into the Week

Beautiful views of Jerusalem with Gutman's peaceful music

A Light unto the Nations

Share the light. It will make you happy.

The Jewish Sound of One Hand Clapping

The Infinite One claps Its hand!

Torah, What's Missing

There is a physical Torah and a spiritual Torah. The physical without the spiritual becomes a burden.

Are the Commandments a Burden?

The Torah comes to take away a burden, not to give us one.

G-d Said, "Be Holy - Eat a Matzah"

How does eating matzah make us holy?

Who Is The Real Son of G-d?

Do you call G-d your Father?

What Is This Place?

The Place doesn't stop!

The Successful Jew

Why do some people have spiritual experiences while others do not? What do I have to do to die with a smile on my face?

Been There, Done That. Thank G-d, I'm Here Now.

By popular demand... Gutman tells his life story. You probably won't believe it, but it's all true.

Talking to G-d

What's Wrong with Yoga?

Yoga is more than just physical exercise.

Praying with Your Hands

There is a reason for everything, including the way we hold our hands when we pray. Here are the explanations of a few of them.

Jewish vs. Buddhist Meditation

Gutman points out some of the major differences between proper Jewish meditation practices and traditional Buddhist meditation practices.

What's Wrong with Smoking?

Now, they have found out something very interesting about smokers.

Going to College?

If you are you planning to go to college, or know someone who is, then listen to this most important advice. Do it right. Don't waste precious time and money.

Jewish Unity

Why is the mitzvah of waving the luluv the only mitzvah in the entire Torah that we are specifically commanded to do with joy?

Why Do More Than You Have To?

What do Orthodox Jews really think about the Noahide movement, and its followers?

Jewish Milk

What makes milk Jewish?

The Mystical Mezuzah

Is a mezuzah just a small piece of animal skin with Hebrew writing on it that we attach to our doorposts to fulfill a Biblical commandment, or does it have a mystical reality to it, too?

And the Jews Had Light

On the eight night of Chanukah there are eight cups of oil, eight wicks, and eight flames, but there is only one light!

Judaism vs. Buddhism - Hinduism

The differences between our beliefs and theirs are not just social. There are major structural differences between our teachings. Yet, many Jews believe that they can follow those beliefs and not compromise the Torah's teachings. A young man who had been learning in one of the local yeshivas announced that he was going to go to India to study the Eastern religions. The rabbi asked me to speak with him. Here is part of our conversation.

The Holy Air of Israel

What is so special about the Land of Israel? Hashem G-d calls it the Good Land that He has given to the Jewish people. Even the Muslim's holy book, the Koran says that G-d gave this Land to the Children of Yaakov.
We are told if a Jew even walks four steps in this Land he or she acquires a share in the World to Come. It is not a large land, not at all; in fact, it is the smallest of all of the Lands in the Middle East. But, like the Jewish People, few in number yet great in accomplishments, so is this holy Land so special in what happens to a Jew when he or she lives here. The Land, its air, its light... all reveal Hashem's Presence more and more every day that you are blessed enough to be here.


Why is the Torah so unhappy with tattoos?

What Are You?

What if you have been going through life thinking that you are something that you are not? Then, somehow you find out that you are really something else. Your entire life would probably change. You might very well change the way you do even the smallest things in your life. Your goals would most likely change and so would your daily experience. If this were going to happen to you when would you like it to happen? Obviously, as soon as possible.

The Jewish Woman

Are religious Jewish women restricted? Are Jewish men and women equal?

Is christanity Idolatry

Is this religion a good thing for the non-Jews?

Gutman's Story Goes to Hollywood

Ynet News did a video of my spiritual journey. The footage they found to illustrate the story is outrageous. It is always embarrassing to see what I had to go though to get here, but the lives the video will help far outweigh the embarrassment... at least that's what they keep telling me.

Should Every Jew Move to Israel?

Has the time come for all Jews from all over the World to come home?

Hey Teenager! Where Are You Going?

Everyone is on a journey. Each step we take brings us closer to where we are going to end up.

Jewish Spiritual Exercises

Isn't enough just to be a good person? Why do we need to do all of these Commandments?

What Is the Infinite?

If it ends it is not infinite, so the infinite has to be all. But if the infinite is all, how can there be a finite? The finite is not all.

Why Wear Fringes?

Why are Jewish men commanded to wear fringes on their garments?

Who is the Suffering Servant?

Many millions of Christians and so called "messianic Jews" who also believe in that religion claim that the suffering servant the Prophet Isaiah spoke about was their messiah. Could this be true? What are the basic requirements in order to qualify as the Messiah?

Directing Your Heart to Heaven - Jewish Meditation

How to gain a spiritual perspective

A Jew Reads the Koran

What does the Koran say about the Land of Israel?

3 Things Every Jewish Kid Should Do

If you only have five minutes to change some Jewish kids' lives what would you say to them? There are so many essential things they need to know. What can I say that will enter their hearts and they will take the information back home with them?

Jerusalem's Message to President Trump

This is why President Trump must keep his promise and move the USA Embassy to Jerusalem. What is in the heart of Jerusalem? Everything happens for a reason.

Are Ashkenazi Jews Really Jews?

Where do Ashkenazi Jews come from?

Why Are Jews Here?

What is the purpose of existence? What is the Jew's spiritual work? What do mitzvahs do for us? How can I enjoy doing a mitzvah? What is the meaning of tefillin? What do the blessings we say really mean? How do we reveal G-d's Presence? So many questions...

Passover- What's the Most Important Thing?

If you get this one right, your Passover meal will be a stunning success.

The Yoke of Torah

Perhaps the most misunderstood teaching in the entire Torah. How are we to deal with this huge yoke?

Jewish Reincarnation

What happens when a Jew dies? Is that the end for him, or do things still go on?

How Do You Get Happy?

Why are some people always happy while others are always sad? Do we have a choice? What makes people feel the way they do?

Love & Fear

What is the proper way to serve G-d?

In his book "Strive for Truth" Rav Dessler asked, "What is wrong with hellfire mussar? [Strict Jewish ethics] If you are aware of the consequences, you don't do many sins." This one minute video answers his question.

Turning to G-d
The Jewish New Year is a few weeks away. It is a time when we come before G-d for judgement. Our deeds are put on a scale to see if we will be judged favorably. Sadly, our bad deeds will also be weighed.

No matter how many good deeds we have to our credit they will not erase the evil things we have done. Only repentance, turning to G-d can do that. If we turn away from our selfish ways because we know that this is what G-d wants, our sins will be considered to have been done by accident. But if we turn away from those evil deeds because we love Hashem and His Torah, our sins will be considered as if they had been done for the good.

But what does it mean to turn to G-d? What is the sign that a Jew has truly turned to G-d?

What's Wrong with Christianity?

Missionaries go out on the streets knocking on doors, looking everywhere, trying to convert anyone they meet to their idolatry. They particularly love to convince Jews of their foolishness and recently have been an increasing problem in Israel. What is wrong with their beliefs? What is so bad about their religion? Well, for one thing...


What's wrong if a guy wants to get stoned? He's happy, right?

Becoming A Jew

To be a Jew you have to have a Jewish mother. That is the only way. But there is one exception to this rule... an Orthodox conversion. Although converting to Judaism is not encouraged, some do accomplish this. Why is it so difficult to convert to Judaism?

Who's In Charge?

As we go through our day we make so many decisions; should we do this, or should we do that? Should we go here, or should we go there? How are these choices made? Obviously, we want to do what's best for ourselves.

Getting Drunk on Purim

On Purim we have two customs that we do not have on any other day of the year; we wear costumes and the men get drunk. What do these customs have to do with the Holiday of Purim?

The Spiritual Capital-Jerusalem

Why do all Jewish prayers... from all over the World, first come to Jerusalem before they go up into Heaven? Why is Jerusalem mentioned over 650 times in the Bible? What is so special about this place?

A Jew's Job

Everyone has come into this world with a specific task to do. That's why you are you and not me.


Are demons real? How could such a crazy thing like that possibly exist? But there are some Torah sources that mention themj... But wait... there are also some Torah sources that say they are not real. So, then who is right? Both of them are right!

The Face That You Show G-d

The Alter Rebbe said to be very careful when we pray. He warned us not to do one specific thing when we pray, and he told us why we should not do it.

What Is A Jew?

What does it mean to be a Jew? What is so unique about the Jewish People?

Jewish Meditation Explained

What is different about Jewish meditation? Isn't all meditation the same? What is meditation supposed to do for you? The technique we use when we meditate will determine the results.

G-d Looks at Our Heart

What if you don't do the mitzvah exactly the way it is supposed to be done? Does it still count?

Why Do You Have Your Name?

For a good reason you have been given your name.

Why Don't Jews Convert to christianity?

For 2,000 years christians have tried to convert Jews to their religion. Why do we refuse?

What's with Astrology?

Is a Jew allowed to use astrology? Is astrology stargazing?

A Friendly Cannibal

What if a cannibal happens to be a very nice guy?

When You Try to Help a Jew

What if you get the guy you are trying to help really angry at you? Is it better not to try to help others than to maybe make a mess of things?

When You're Down & Out

When you are at what seems to be the bottom of the world, how can you get back up again? Is there any way you can pick yourself up? Is there someway to improve the situation?

How to Have a Peaceful Marriage

Peace at home is one of the most basic needs we have. Is there any simple thing we can do to have a successful marriage?

Everything Comes for a Reason

Everything that happens to us, everything we see, or experience, comes for a good reason. There are no accidents. Hashem brings everything to us with a purpose.

Is the World Real

Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, vs Torah. What is the point of us being here? What happens next?

The Rebbe's Vodka

Everything comes for a reason, especially when the Rebbe sends it.

A Hidden Blessing

Why did G-d do that? What did I do to deserve this? Why do bad things come to good people?

G-d Listens to Every Prayer

What about our prayers for "small" things? Does the Almighty G-d listen to such small talk? Is G-d really involved in our daily lives?

The Worst Sin a Jew Can Do

This sin is so horrible that it brings 98 curses to the Jew who does it. What could that poor Jew possibly have done to bring these miserable curses?

Paradise Torah vs Islam

What will happen to us after we leave this world? Do these two religions teach the same thing about this? What do Jews expect will happen, and what do Muslims expect will happen?

A Jew's Donkey

How far does the obligation to help a fellow Jew go? Do I have to pick up his fallen donkey?

The Best Jewish Fast

How can fasting help us to bring the Messiah and the Final Redemption? Is there anything we can do to repair what is spiritually wrong with the world? What caused our exile from Jerusalem 2,000 years ago?

How Do Gurus Do Miracles?

Do the gurus in India really do those miracles, or are they merely fooling the people around them? Is it possible to do such miracles today? If those wonders are real, do they show that those gurus are holy, righteous, teachers who should be followed?

Don't Blow It Out

What's wrong with blowing out a flame? What does your breath have to do with your soul? Why are we here, in this world?

Why Did G-d Create the Universe?

Did G-d need something, and that is why He created the world? Does G-d have needs?

A Hole In Your Ear

Is there anything really wrong with a Jewish guy putting a hole in his ear? What's the problem? A lot of guys are doing it these days. Some even put huge holes in their ears!

What's Wrong with Teaching Buddhism?

A rabbi told me that his Jewish Day School in New York invited a Buddhist monk to give a talk to the students. I told him what I thought about it.

Chabad's Secret to Success

Why is Chabad so successful? They are all over the World. What is it about them?

Better Than a Mantra

Mantra meditation is an old Eastern meditation technique. It tries to prevent you from getting from getting tangled up in your thoughts. But there is a much better way to avoid getting tangled up in your head.

Attractive Girls

Why do so many girls want to be attractive? What are they looking for? Is it a good thing to be attractive?