G-d Said, "Be Happy"

G-d's Presence is revealed only in joy.

Hinduism's Message to the Jewish People

The Hindu scriptures teach that everyone should follow the path he was born to. Hear how Abraham's sons with Keturah were sent to the East and influenced Hinduism.

Answers to a Pastor

See why we are to worship only the Father.

Jews Should Marry Jews

All religions in the world except for Judaism are based on belief. Whatever you believe, that is your religion. But Jews are not Jews because of our belief. We are Jews because of our mother. We are not a religion. We are a people, all descendants of Abraham and Sarah.

A Message to Chabad

Who are the holy people today?

G-d is Everywhere

G-d is infinite. The Infinite has no limits so It must be everywhere, even in the heart of the devil!

A Jewish Meditation Technique

Gutman's peaceful music helps the mind to relax

Bless Your Children

This is how you should bless your children.

Why Should I Thank G-d?

Special needs youth teach us a very important lesson.

Why Should I Help You?

The Torah teaches that we must help each other pick up a fallen donkey...and all the most so, a fallen soul.

Pray For Your Family

This is how we should pray for our families.

Bringing Shabbat Into the Week

Beautiful views of Jerusalem with Gutman's peaceful music

A Light unto the Nations

Share the light. It will make you happy.

The Jewish Sound of One Hand Clapping

The Infinite One claps Its hand!

Torah, What's Missing

There is a physical Torah and a spiritual Torah. The physical without the spiritual becomes a burden.

Are the Commandments a Burden?

The Torah comes to take away a burden, not to give us one.

G-d Said, "Be Holy - Eat a Matzah"

How does eating matzah make us holy?

Who Is The Real Son of G-d?

Do you call G-d your Father?

What Is This Place?

The Place doesn't stop!

The Successful Jew

Why do some people have spiritual experiences while others do not? What do I have to do to die with a smile on my face?

Been There, Done That. Thank G-d, I'm Here Now.

By popular demand... Gutman tells his life story. You probably won't believe it, but it's all true.

Talking to G-d

What's Wrong with Yoga?

Yoga is more than just physical exercise.

Praying with Your Hands

There is a reason for everything, including the way we hold our hands when we pray. Here are the explanations of a few of them.

Jewish vs. Buddhist Meditation

Gutman points out some of the major differences between proper Jewish meditation practices and traditional Buddhist meditation practices.

What's Wrong with Smoking?

Now, they have found out something very interesting about smokers.

Going to College?

If you are you planning to go to college, or know someone who is, then listen to this most important advice. Do it right. Don't waste precious time and money.

Jewish Unity

Why is the mitzvah of waving the luluv the only mitzvah in the entire Torah that we are specifically commanded to do with joy?

Why Do More Than You Have To?

What do Orthodox Jews really think about the Noahide movement, and its followers?

Jewish Milk

What makes milk Jewish?

The Mystical Mezuzah

Is a mezuzah just a small piece of animal skin with Hebrew writing on it that we attach to our doorposts to fulfill a Biblical commandment, or does it have a mystical reality to it, too?

And the Jews Had Light

On the eight night of Chanukah there are eight cups of oil, eight wicks, and eight flames, but there is only one light!

Judaism vs. Buddhism - Hinduism

The differences between our beliefs and theirs are not just social. There are major structural differences between our teachings. Yet, many Jews believe that they can follow those beliefs and not compromise the Torah's teachings. A young man who had been learning in one of the local yeshivas announced that he was going to go to India to study the Eastern religions. The rabbi asked me to speak with him. Here is part of our conversation.